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Private Lending

Why You’re Here

You own property and are in need of funds or refinancing but don’t qualify at the bank.

How it Works

Once we receive a request either by phone or email, our team will start to guide you through the procedure and help you find the right financial solution to achieve your goals.

Once you’ve submitted an application we’ll start the process of connecting you with private lenders. We have access to multiple lenders which allows us to offer competitive rates.

How We Can Help

Unlike the bank, it’s easy to qualify for a private loan or refinancing and the application can be assessed quickly to get you access to money faster. We specialize in helping property and homeowners in and around the Greater Toronto Area find the financial solutions that fits their needs. You can also enter the total value of your property along with your email below and our team will contact you.


What You Need to Know

Canadian banks are required to have strict conditions that can make it difficult to qualify for a loan or refinancing. The approval process is easier and faster for private lenders meaning you could get your money in a matter of days. This makes private loans and refinancing another option for people with bad credit, no credit or who are self-employed and can’t provide proof of a steady income. These issues don’t have to stop you from being approved.

We specialize in helping property and homeowners in and around the Greater Toronto Area and we’ll help you tap into the market value of your home. By borrowing against the equity of your property you can get access to the money you need fast. Find out more about our services here.

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